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Maryland State Inspection Service

Maryland State Inspection Service

Maryland State Inspections are mandated by the Department of Motor Vehicles when a vehicle is sold or re-titled, and when a vehicle enters the State of Maryland to be tagged.

Mandated by the State

For your Safety!

We inspect passenger vehicles, limousines, recreational motor homes, trucks (10,000 pounds and under), trailers not equipped with air brakes (up to 20 feet in length) and multipurpose passenger vehicles.

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All of our parts and labor are under warranty. You have 3,000 miles or three months to return your vehicle to us. If you experience problems following service, please call us, as some parts may have a longer Manufacturer's Warranty. We always check for any extra warranty.

Factory Recommended Maintenance

The automotive manufacturer determines all factory recommended maintenance services, but the work does not have to be done by a dealer. Linhard's Auto Repair can accommodate all your maintenance needs. Maintenance ensures that your vehicle will continue to operate normally throughout its life.